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Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is a serious issue that significantly affects those who fall victim to an employer’s prejudices and biases. Our attorneys understand the feelings of demoralization and humiliation that employment discrimination causes the affected employee. No one should have to experience illegal discrimination when they are attempting to pursue their professional objectives and earn an honest living.

At Waldman Law Group, P.C., we represent:

  • Employees who have been adversely treated as a result of discriminatory decisions made by their employer but still may be working for that employer
  • Employees whose employment was unlawfully terminated, and
  • Employees who have been force to resign as a result of a hostile work environment.

We vigorously pursue our client’s rights against employers both large and small and private and governmental.

We represent clients who have experienced the following:

Federal and state employment discrimination laws are constantly evolving with amendments to the anti-discrimination laws, changes in the regulations governing these laws with which employers must comply and judicial decisions interpreting these laws and regulations. These evolving changes materially affect the fundamental rights of employees by increasing the legal protections of the individual employee.

It is crucial that employers stay informed and amend their employment policies to reflect the changing laws. However, employers and human resource departments often fail to the detriment of the individual employee’s rights to keep current with the evolving laws; and inevitably the employer violates, sometimes unknowingly, the very laws they are responsible to obey. For this reason, it is more important than ever that you contact a knowledgeable and reputable attorney to review your discrimination claims.

Our employment law practice has grown as a result of our attorneys abilities to keep pace with the most recent changes to federal and state laws, regulations and judicial decisions affecting employment discrimination laws.

We use our ability to maintain a thorough knowledge of these changes to provide you with the exhaustive and efficient representation which you deserve in all phases of employment discrimination litigation beginning with negotiations with your employer, and when necessary, filing discrimination charges with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and/or federal and Pennsylvania courts.

Most anti-discrimination statutes have a very short statute of limitations in which you must assert your claim or forever lose your right to sue your employer for its discriminatory actions. In order to protect your rights, do not delay contacting an attorney.

If you have been victimized by your employer’s discriminatory actions, contact one of our experienced attorneys who will advise you of your rights to hold your employer responsible for its illegal discriminatory practices.